In the heart of Texas, where the sunsets paint the sky with hues of orange and gold, a daring idea took root. It all began with three visionaries, Keith Kruse, Marc Novick, and Tanner Carson, who dared to challenge the norms of traditional golf attire. One day, fueled by endless cups of coffee and boundless creativity, they birthed the concept of a Pearl Snap performance polo—a garment that would redefine style on the greens.

Little did they know, their brainstorming sessions would transform them into the pioneers of a new movement. As they envisioned the future of their legacies, they became the architects of a brand that echoed the spirit of a Texan. United by their passion for golf and a love for the rugged country boy way of life, they founded Iron Oak Apparel in October 2020.

In this venture, they were joined by Beau Daniels, a fellow Texan and a kindred spirit. Growing up in the same small town of Schulenburg, Texas, Beau shared their passion for the local way of life. His addition as the managing partner and owner in 2022 brought a new energy to Iron Oak Apparel, propelling the brand to new heights.

The "Dosey Doe" - Iron Oak Apparel Co.
The "Revel" (Navy) - Iron Oak Apparel Co.

Iron Oak Apparel became more than just a clothing brand—it became a symbol of Texas behavior and country boy character at its finest. A blend of hard work, resilience, and the courage to be different. Their collection wasn't just about clothes; it was a statement, an embodiment of the wild west, and an ode to the free spirit of those who roam the open fields and ride under the vast Texas sky.

For the country boys, cowboys, outdoorsmen, and good ol’ folks, Iron Oak Apparel became more than just an alternative to comfortable clothing; it became a lifestyle. With every garment, they embraced the warmth of the Texan sun, the freedom of the open plains, and the rugged elegance of the True Texan. With Iron Oak Apparel, you aren’t just dressed for the day; you are WORN for the RIDE. Gussy Up.